Hello My Friends!

Two years ago, I started to post a picture every day on Facebook. At that time, I had attracted nearly 5,000 friends on my personal page (the maximum allowed) which was built to support me as I was doing a performance event. Once that event was over, I needed to do something to keep my friends engaged so I started to post pictures I had taken during my "Untethered Pilgrimage" the year before. I then opened up my professional page Eme.Spirit. Today I have more than 13,000 friends on Eme.Spirit on Facebook in addition to the original 5,000 friends. Thank you!!!

Over the past few months I have worked with a friend to bring my website up to speed because Facebook has changed its algorithm. That change has greatly affected my business. In order for people to be engaged with my art they have to work harder to find me on Facebook. Additionally, I would like to share more of who I am over time which can be better managed through my website www.EmeSpirit.com.

By now, you know my aesthetic as a visual artist, but in the months to follow you will learn more about who I am as a person by following my blog. Please invite your friends to my Facebook page to enjoy the daily post as well as to my website to see my past works and current projects.

Before I sign off today, I want to share some pictures with you from the Stone Arch Festival that many of you were hearing about on Facebook. I posted ads so that people would know when they could come and meet with me personally. I had a great time and enjoyed the reaction people had to the large versions of prints they had seen on their cellphone or computers. I think you would love to see these in person!

I have also included a picture depicting three of my photos in a gallery setting. It's been a lot of fun to share my work with my long-term friends from Facebook as well as new friends who are just finding my work through these new venues. I'll keep you posted as other opportunities are showing up!

Thank you for your appreciation of my art!



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