It’s on the way!

Hello My Friends,

I’ve been busy working on details for the release of my novel. It’s a story of senior romance, Freefalling. One can’t enjoy affairs of love in later years without complications. That’s not to say that romance doesn’t present difficulties in our youth, but it’s different. Life accumulates challenges over time but that doesn’t mean their aren’t opportunities. In many ways, those loving moments are even sweeter because of the obstacles on the path.

Freefalling has been fully edited for a year. I’ve given it a fair chance to find a traditional publisher, but the idea of featuring seniors in a romance story is innovative. It scares those on a traditional path. A few movies have boldly brought mature faces to the screen, but most publishers believe senior romance is not a market they’re interested in representing. Especially with it’s complications. Let’s prove them wrong!

I’ve gathered a team to help me and we’re bringing this to you. Release date is scheduled February 14, 2023. Senior Romance Day is Valentines Day!

More details to come soon!

Big hugs,


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