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When I was very young I sang for crowds while perched on a park table in small-town Minnesota. I performed in high school concerts and musicals, acquired a theater degree, and  spent the next ten years as a professional singer. Even when I was busy parenting and earning a living, singing and songwriting were part of my life. For years I disciplined myself to write lyrics for at least one song every day. During this period I wrote the song Fly Away the genesis of my current performance art piece.

Fly Away is a performance/ceremonial piece with an interactive format based on a song about an eaglet leaving the nest. The piece captures the emotional nature of the loving detachment as the bird takes flight. Fly Away resonates with those who have felt the dance of separation. This performance event honors this bittersweet experience and the audience is invited to join me in conversation about this transition.

The genesis of this piece is the song “Fly Away,” which I wrote after a loved one left home. The Fly Away

Watch “Fly Away” by Eme HERE

Watch “Fly Away” performance HERE